To create a powerful Metaverse brand, where our community members determine the project's direction.

The Meta House Mafia aspires to become the next excellent Metaverse brand and hype beast of the NFT/Web3 world. But to better understand the significance of NFT/Web3 brands, it is best to know how we got here.

Early NFTs projects like Larva Lab’s CryptoPunks and BAYC helped ignite a digital Web3 revolution where the creator economy and community ownership came clearly into view. These early NFTs were paradigm shifts in how people make and consume art, ultimately giving them ownership over their work and collectors more provenance (proof of ownership) and utility than we have ever seen.

Much like the Supreme streetwear brand became an unstoppable merchandising force in the late 1990s, where kids would do anything to cop the newest drop, BAYC and CryptoPunks created a similar growth and zealous following. Both the Punks and BAYC not only gave NFT holders clout for owning their work, but BAYC became a social club with perks and benefits. These NFTs also gained some significant names collecting, such as professional athletes like Steph Curry, rappers like Eminem and Meek Mill, and comedians like Dave Chappelle.

The paradigm shift towards Web3 has been parabolic over the last few months, making 2021 the year NFTs changed the art game forever. Not only do NFTs add scarcity and provenance within their code, but they are also a paradigm shift in how creators, collectors, and regular people consume and monetize their creations using nascent NFT technology.

The Meta House Mafia, like BAYC or the Punks, also aims to become an explosive brand with exponential growth by utilizing the power of community and NFTs to build a brand that extends beyond crypto, and into the mainstream.

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