How to Claim a Don

To mint one of the 5 Dons, you must be the first to acquire three MHM NFTs of the following hierarchy AND belonging to the same family:

  • 1 Caporegime

  • 1 Soldier

  • 1 Associate

In addition, the three NFTs must have the appropriate Flower Lapel trait. Each one of the five families has own unique Flower Lapel:

  • The Cartel: Pink Rose Lapel

  • The Corporation: White Flower Lapel

  • La Cosa Nostra: Red Rose Lapel

  • The Syndicate: Yellow Rose Lapel

  • The Meta Gang: Red Flower Lapel

For example, to Mint The Cartel Family Don, you must acquire one Caporegime with the Pink Rose Lapel, one Soldier with the Pink Rose Lapel, and One Associate with the Pink Rose Lapel, where all three NFTs are from The Cartel Family.

The first to complete obtaining these either through minting or on OpeanSea will be able to trade these 3 NFTs/PFPs for 1 Don, the highest-ranking Mafiosi who will earn the highest share of the benefits, rewards, and events in the future of the DAO community.

The remaining PFPs ‘traded-in’ for a Don will go back to the Treasury to be used for marketing, future incentivization, etc.

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