The Meta House Mafia (MHM) is a modern cooperative of like-minded individuals who are building an exclusive Metaverse and real-world Web3 community with the expressed goal of creating a one-of-a-kind decentralized brand wholly owned by its community/NFT holders.

The Meta House Mafia will be an exclusive social club and a member organization of 5,000 unique “Mafiosi” NFTs (mafia gangsters and mobsters) that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. The MHM NFTs will serve as membership passes for the community to become part owners of our Metaverse brand and social club with exclusive utilities, benefits, and perks.

The Meta House Mafia will become an NFT-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) managed by our community via a robust governance voting system. Our DAO will single-handedly decide how, when, and where the MHM will allocate their treasury funds to begin businesses extracted from NFT sales and future brand ventures (Casino, Merchandise, Products, Etc.)

The first act of the Meta House Mafia will be to create an online casino within the Metaverse. Not only will the MHM vision be to make the Digital Sin City Casino space inside the Metaverse, but we plan on extending our reach into several sectors as a community to build one of the most powerful communities and brands within the Web3 space.

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