The MHM Hierarchy & Collection

Summary: A collection of 5,000 total Mafiosi NFTs consisting of: 5 Dons, 15 Consigliere, 50 Underbosses, 420 Caporegimes, 1,500 Soldiers, 3,010 Associates.

5 Dons: The highest and most legendary PFP gives you exclusive access to a gated discord channel with the founders, unfettered access behind the scenes, and a place to provide input and ideas that you think will help. Get alpha dropped to you before the rest of the community. Dons will not be mintable, only claimable once the specific three MHM NFTs are collected and redeemed from the treasury (see How to Claim a Don).

15 Consigliere: The big boss's right-hand man and, in the hierarchy, a very rare PFP. Access to dons who can propose ideas to the founders as part of a community.

50 Underbosses: One of the Mafioso that gives orders to the Capos or captains.

420 Caporegimes: A less common captain in the hierarchy of the mob. The Capo is the leader of a group of street soldiers.

1,500 Soldiers: The grunts and most commonly made men in the mafia hierarchy. They get orders from the Capos and make sure things get done by their own hands, not the higher-ups.

3,010 Associates: Ever seen the movie Goodfellas? Yeah, people who aren't 'made' into the mafia, or officially ordained as a fellow brother in the black hand, are associates that do the dirty work as a mercenary—the most common PFP.

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