The Team

We are a collective of like-minded individuals who are sick of waiting around to build something finally. We no longer seek permission. Instead, we found out we could create a Web3 community-owned DAO and brand that simply uses the power of people as a network to build a Metaverse brand where we can all Conquer & Earn together. We understood we could build a robust network (a community) of like-minded people that could collectively create a more powerful brand that rivals corporations.

Who are we? We are early crypto adopters that have seen and worked through multiple boom and bust cycles and now clearly see that blockchains have finally come of age. Blockchains are permissionless monetary settlement layers that allow you to build businesses and brands as a community without asking for permission.

The Meta House Mafia core team is one Founder, two Co-Founders, one Partner, and one digital artist. They have collectively worked in the cryptocurrency space for more than a decade. From 2017 ICOs, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects to NFTs, our team has deep experience in Web3, including building and implementing multi-sig wallets, Dapps, layer 2s, mining, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), marketing, and community growth, offering our community 5 experienced builders.

The Don is our fearless leader and crypto-native who has been in the mix since the early days of crypto. Don has some significant marketing chops and accolades notched into his belt. He whips the rest of us in shape and makes sure things are getting done, or else. He has worked on significant crypto projects, corporations and now is making sure the Metaverse is whipped into shape.

Il Padrino is the content man and creative architect behind the ideas and literature. If you read it, I probably wrote it. I'm a crypto-native (still working full-time, shhhhh!), and I have probably been in the space too long. Still, I am passionate about building communities, making ideas come to life through action, and I have an affinity for herbal cigarettes and medicine.

Cashmere Con is a man of refined taste and an even better eye. The Cashmere Con is our Art Director and a man who has a discerning and sophisticated look for style and taste. The Capo not only has a taste for luxury and the finesse to execute MHM's vision, but he's also got great hair, I swear.

Nima: (With over 10 years of experience in the blockchain space, Nima brings extensive knowledge and expertise to the Metahouse Mafia community. He has led teams and innovation at Oracle, BitGo (acquired for $1B), Ankr and currently running his own Web3 startup focused on bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3. He has helped companies like CashApp, Celsius, TradeStation, Bitso (largest exchange in Mexico), FalconX and many NFT projects from the ground up taking them from zero to one.

Abraham Garcia is a gifted and well-known Mexican visual artist and the official Meta House Mafia Artist. He has created all the designs and artwork for our NFTs and brand.

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