To establish our brand operations with the optimal survival rate, even during crypto bear markets, our community must create a business operation that further allows us to fulfill our future goals and phases. To achieve the sustainability of the MHM Metaverse brand, we’ll establish a Casino/s, merchandising, and other ventures to build our community-owned brand.

During our first Phase, we will raise enough funds from our first mint to obtain a legal gambling license to set up the Meta House Mafia Casinos (Curacao).

The Meta House Mafia Casino

We will set up a premium presence in the Metaverse worlds where our DAO headquarters, the House of Meta, will exist. A virtual world where MHM members can join one of the 5 families of the House of Meta (the main house of the governing power of the Meta House Mafia). Through the first generation mint of our 5,000 NFT PFPs, we will apportion 40% of the mint to fund our treasury. By joining the family and minting 1, or many of the Meta House Mafia NFTs, each holder will have a variable share of the MHM universe brand.

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