The Meta House Mafia comprises five different families who represent the various specialties of the MHM brand.

Each Phase, or Epoch of the MHM roadmap, the Meta House Mafia will launch a new venture or project that will be selected via our DAO voting process (to be implemented more robustly as our operations grow in size). Once our DAO governance infrastructure is fully functional and our community is strong enough to handle a quorum vote, we will begin subsequent phases of building. Phase 1 Pre-mint:

We are creating a diverse, strong community of people who take action to help build a powerful NFT family helping us spread the word.

  • Team is actively building the structures and foundation of the business, including getting celebrity endorsements/influencers on board; designing future utility to bring to the MHM NFT holders; working with consultants and partners to navigate the tricky regulatory space of legal online gambling; tokenomics structuring; and building incentive structures to ensure NFT holders have utility.

  • Building technical infrastructure, including artwork, development of our smart contracts, multi-sig wallets, and other technical considerations that come into play.

  • Planning next phase post-mint in terms of what action plan we will take immediately when our treasury is funded.


Obtain a legal gambling license (from Curacao) and launch a Web-based Casino.

Launch a Robust DAO governance structure where our community can vote on where the treasury will go, including future projects, grants, funding, etc., all of which will be left up to a community vote that must reach a quorum threshold to pass and be executed.

Post Launch Phases:

Phase 2

Merchandising: A new business venture that the Meta House Mafia brand would like to expand is merchandising the MHM brand. Streetwear? Luxury items? Everything is on the table as we move to bring a line of merchandise that our community will have first access to and help us ideate, create, and build.

  • Seek out community members to bring ideas for merchandising (start a new MHM Family), whether that is an idea of a designer to get to the table or a member who creates items that can be sold on our website.

Phase 3

Real Estate Development: MHM would like to not only establish our Metaverse presence, but with our treasury, we would like to open up an exclusive social club in the real world where members can visit, attend live events, and hang out. This social club could be a hub for MHM events, a supper club, and perhaps even a place where concerts and events can be held exclusively for our community.

The Meta House Mafia wants to create fun experiences in the Metaverse and Meatspace to build our Treasury. We will do this by creating unique, one-of-a-kind events to promote our brand.

  • Establish a new MHM Family that not only focuses on acquiring and making our presence in the Metaverse and Meatspace but who actively acquires, negotiates, and plans purchases with the treasury.

  • Potential events: Concerts with DJs in the Metaverse, Casino events, exclusive community members-only events

Phase 4

NFTs, Technology, and the future of Web3: As a community, we must stay on the bleeding edge of what is possible with NFTs, augmented reality, virtual reality, cloning/burns, potential derivate projects exclusive to MHM NFT holders.

The Last Family of the Meta House Mafia will focus on the Technology behind blockchains, cryptocurrency, NFTs, AR, and VR in a concerted effort to bring nascent primitives that will become benchmarks of creation inside our space.

Help us create a family that builds the next generation of Metaverse builders.

Phase ♾️

Build whatever the F%@$ we want!

Conquer & Earn. The Meta House Mafia Always Wins.

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