Our Story

The Meta House Mafia is a mob of degenerate risk-takers, investors, gamblers, builders, doers, shakers, movers, and hustlers ready to come together with one goal in mind — carve out our piece of the Metaverse by any means necessary.

MHM is a mob of 5,000 "Made" Men and Women who must join one of the 5 Families of the Meta House, the Central Seat of Power within the MHM Universe. Each family member must take a blood oath and promise to help the entire Family build a powerful community mafia brand that rules the Metaverse.

When you become a Mafiosi, you become part of a crew of earners and mob members who want to tear the roof off of the old system. When you join you become part of a powerful brand that is building and taking over Metaverse and Meatspace.

The 5 Families of the Meta House will take over the Metaverse, and establish a Digital Sin City.

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